Industrial Camera Cover CH50

+ IP66
+ Enclosed aluminum design
+ Glass anti-reflection coating MgF2
+ Universal camera mount for 27x27 ~ 31x31 mm
+ The possibility of producing an atypical cover length
+ Includes camera mount and camera holder
Manufacturer: Argutec
Delivery date: 1 week
€253.78 incl tax




The CH50 industrial camera cover allows installation of small industrial cameras (27x27, 29x29, 30x30, 31x31 mm). With anti-reflection coating MgF2 glass.

For example for cameras:


Basler ace 2 a2A1920
Basler ace acA1280
Basler ace acA1300
Basler ace acA1440
Basler ace acA1600
Basler ace acA1920
Basler ace acA2000
Basler ace acA2040
Basler ace acA2440
Basler ace acA2500
Basler ace acA3088
Basler ace acA3800
Basler ace acA4024
Basler ace acA4600
Basler ace acA5472
Basler ace acA640
Basler ace acA720
Basler ace acA780
Basler ace acA800
Basler MED ace 2.3
Basler MED ace 20.0
Basler MED ace 5.1
Basler MED ace 5.3
Basler pulse puA1280
Basler pulse puA1600
Basler pulse puA1920
Basler pulse puA2500


Cognex CIC-10MR
Cognex CIC-1300
Cognex CIC-2000
Cognex CIC-300
Cognex CIC-4000
Cognex CIC-5MR/5000
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8000
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8200
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8400
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8401
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8402
Cognex IN-SIGHT 8405


FLIR Blackfly
FLIR Blackfly S
FLIR Firefly DL
FLIR Firefly S
FLIR Flea3


Keyence CV-3000 CV-035
Keyence CV-3000 CV-200
Keyence CV-5000 CV-H500
Products specifications
IP Rating IP66
Dimension (W x D x H) 173 x 56 x 56
Weight 600g including camera mount and holder